To Whom It May Concern:

Let it be known that effective 13 February 2018, the Corporation for Inter-World Tourism and Adventuring (“Inter-World”) is the owner of the rights to the fictional world of Tootanga.

Effective 13 February 2018, Inter-World will act as curators of the world of Tootanga, the Toots characters, associated characters and properties, and the Tootsville video game.

Inter-World is the successor in rights and spirit to the “Violet Volts” volunteer group.

Inter-World will:

  1. encourage the creating of literary and creative works, including books, video games, still and motion pictures, teleplays, musical scores and recordings, and works in any other medium, set in Tootanga
  2. oversee and manage the development of Tootanga, in any and all aspects, including story, characters, likenesses, and designs
  3. control and administer such intangible properties and rights as
    copyrights, trademarks, rights of authorship, service marks, and other
    intangible or intellectual properties as are associated with Tootanga
  4. manage and administer means by which members of the public can
    participate in the enjoyment of Tootanga through such means as access to
    video games, viewing of teleplays, reading written works, and so forth
  5. promote the Values for which Inter-World is chartered, as
    defined in the Corporation for Inter-World Tourism and Adventuring Charter, through these creative works.
  6. and to sustain the production of these works both financially and in
    services and publications.

To these ends, Inter-World will:

  1. Take over administration of the development of the video game Tootsville
  2. Take ownership of the domain names associated with Tootsville, to
    include:,,,,,,,,, and any other related domain names
  3. Take control of any social media
  4. Review public documents and contracts with Tootsville players, such as
    the Terms of Service and other documents, and ensure that they are
    adjusted suitably
  5. Take over all duties previously handled by the so-called “Violet
    Volts” volunteers

Specifically, Mr Bruce-Robert Fenn Pocock hereby gives authorization to
any person or agency to transfer ownership or control of domain names or
accounts associated wit “Violet Volts” or “Tootsville” to Inter-World.

PDF (printable) official version here.